Australias Egg-cellent Eggsports

Australia – It’s not just a great place to come for A Holiday… It’s also a FANTASTIC place to do business…
Here’s why:

Australia is a brilliant base for selling to Asia 

Taiwanese consumers are enjoying Australian eggs for the first time after Queensland-based Sunny Queen Farm’s first shipment was cleared for sale.

The shipment of more than 21,000 Australian eggs is being sold across 19 premium JASONS Market Place supermarket outlets across Taiwan.

Eliza Chui, Austrade’s Senior Trade Commissioner for Taiwan, said eggs are an important part of the Taiwanese diet and are widely used to prepare everyday meals and street food.

‘With growing avian influenza detections recorded in Taiwan, the demand for poultry eggs and egg products from overseas has increased, creating opportunities for Australian exporters given our reputation for producing high-quality and safe produce,’ said Chui.

‘Working together with the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, DFAT Taipei and Queensland Trade & Investment, we successfully negotiated access for fresh eggs and egg products to be exported from Australia to Taiwan from Taiwan’s Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine agency,’ added Chui.

Austrade worked with Sunny Queen Farm’s Export Manager, Steven Mai, over the past year to provide market advice, insights and support with business visits, which led to facilitating negotiations with JASONS.

‘The success of this deal is exciting and we are hopeful this leads to further business opportunities for Australian exporters, given the growing opportunities Taiwan offers,’ said Chui.

Australia is also a major exporter of agricultural products to Taiwan, the most important items being beef, wheat and dairy.

Taiwan – with a population of around 23.4 million and half the size of Tasmania – was Australia’s eighth largest merchandise export market and 14th largest source of merchandise imports in 2014–15.

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Did You Know?
Australian exports to China and Japan totalled almost $150 Billion AUD for 2014-2015  (source: ausGov)