Imagine having a board of advisors on hand to support you and your business growth.


“Outsourcing my back-office and admin has enabled me to punch above my weight as a start-up business. This has given me the ability to service large client organisations that demand a one-stop-shop with centralised project invoicing, whilst keeping my overheads to a minimum as I build my business.

Starting a business in Australia has been a challenge, as it would be to start up anywhere in the current global economic climate, but it’s achievable if you bring a valued specialism and keep your overheads to a minimum while you build up revenues. Australian businesses are very receptive to Brits with proven experience and few business leaders will refuse to meet for coffee and a chat. You just need to familiarise yourself with the Australian marketplace, know what you bring to

the table and cut to the commercial chase. Dollars are tight and businesses are looking for partners that deliver measurable results.

I would unhesitatingly recommend these services to anyone considering relocation to Australia. I have found the advice of John Glover and his partner Legal and Financial advisors to be invaluable, from securing a Permanent Residency Visa for myself and my partner, through contract negotiation to completion and submission of annual Tax Returns. If you are considering setting up a business in Australia, bear in mind it is a relatively small nation with a population of 22 million versus

62 million in the UK and the geography means there is less potential for brands and businesses to extend internationally. This means smaller budgets and broader remits. Exciting if you like the prospect of building a business hands-on with limited resources.”

Nikki Hillier