Australia’s Innovation and Skills

Australia – It’s not just a great place to come for A Holiday… It’s also a FANTASTIC place to do business…

Here’s Why:

Education, innovation and science underpin Australia’s economic prosperity and job creation.

Australia’s highly educated, multilingual and multicultural workforce has an entrepreneurial spirit. The country has world-leading capabilities in blockchain and quantum computing, and its robust startup ecosystem has strong competencies in agtech, edtech, fintech, foodtech and medtech.

The country is:

  • ranked 5th in the world for global entrepreneurship, with almost half of all Australian firms active in innovation
  • involved in cutting-edge research, contributing to over 4% of world research publications in 2017 despite having only 0.3% of the world’s population
  • a highly skilled nation, where over 40% of the workforce has a tertiary qualification
  • culturally diverse and multilingual, where 28% of the population was born overseas and 3.2 million Australians speak an Asian language and 1.4 million speak a European language.

Australia’s intellectual capital, commercial focus and collaborative approach make it an ideal partner for business and investment activities.

Charts from the Benchmark Report.

The Australia Benchmark Report provides five key reasons for investing in Australia – Robust Economy, Dynamic Industries, Innovation and Skills, Global Ties and Strong Foundations – and compares Australia’s credentials with other countries.

Charts can be downloaded and saved as images for use in reports and presentations (when using please reference


Australia was the second country in the world to grant women the right to vote; this occurred in 1894.